About Us

15 Years Experience.


Established in 2003, T-ShirtGuys is a downtown Toronto screenprinting house, located on the NE corner of Logan and Dundas, in the heart of Leslieville. We use our fifteen years of experience and expertise to see your expectations and aim to surpass them with a superior client experience and custom printed product.

Our Approach.


Our business is defined by our approach to customer service,  The success of any job depends entirely on our understanding the details of your print(s). Every piece of apparel made comes with its own unique print limitations so help select the best printing method for what you’re looking for.

Extend Your Brand.


Brand and logo extension through our sign division, SignBros, has led to us being able to assist you with branding in all areas. We can take your t-shirt print and turn it into a neon sign or large wall graphic with an unsurpassed speed and effectiveness.

The Team

While this isn’t the entire team, it’s the happy faces you’re most likely to come across.

Chris Willets



While Chris started T-ShirtGuys, his time is spent working as the company’s navigator, as our business grows. We go forward looking to grow experientially. He is a firm believer that businesses define themselves on how they handle their mistakes.

Robyn Atherton

General Manager


Robyn oversees everything at T-ShirtGuys and has been part of the team since the company’s inception. A graduate of George Brown’s School of Design, Robyn’s mission is to oversee development and help guide the company’s progress while ensuring we never print using a comic sans font (if it can be avoided). Robyn coordinates the efforts of 12+ T-ShirtGuys while balancing the needs of roughly 60 different clients at any given time. As busy as she is, it’s a phone call to arrange to meet with her directly if you have any concerns about the level of service you’re receiving.

Jesse Fernandes

Print Shop Manager


Jesse found TSG’s as a customer, looking for a print shop with a level of service he couldn’t find from our competitors. Jesse’s strength is that he cares enough about the finished product, that he gets involved at the offset — so he’s aware of the printed effect the customer is hoping for. Besides his pension for ink; Jesse helps spearhead our social media and marketing strategy – so he understands the concerns customers might have while shaping their own online narrative.

Dennis Davis

Production Manager


Dennis makes sure every job goes off without a hitch. With a degree in small business administration and a specialty in entrepreneurship, Dennis has several responsibilities while ensuring we stick to our business objectives. With all the embroidery, screenprinting and DTG work we do, Dennis is like the ‘air-traffic controller’ of the company. Hundreds and thousands of t-shirts move from our suppliers, to our shop, where they are decorated in a variety of print methods. To make sure disappointment isn’t a factor, we need Dennis.

Liam Corkal

Art Department


When you’re editing and approving your digital mockup, you’re seeing Liam’s handiwork. Liam is the liaison between our customer service team and our printers. As the manager of the art department, he can expertly re-create your artwork with a print quality that is second to none. Good t-shirt design doesn’t just magically happen and often requires more than just light revisions and adjustments. Whether it’s creating concepts from scratch or helping you to re-define your look with an upgrade of your present branding, Liam is the guy you’ll want in your corner.

Ellen Duell

Customer Service Representative 


Ellen comes from Sweden where she got her degree in Media and Communication science. Experienced in social media management, publication marketing. Ellen excels at establishing relations and networking with new and existing business partners. Ellen spearheads our video team where we document the various printing effects and techniques that can be achieved. Ellen brings joy to our environment and co-workers and brings her level of concern to every job she tackles.

Steven Johnson

Customer Service Representative


Originally from Boston, Steven studied design on both sides of the border, before making his way to Toronto and T-ShirtGuys. The cool thing about Steven is he’s already doing what a lot of our customers look to do — selling tees online.


With his own designs selling regularly on more than one online platform, Steven has learned from personal experience and is often approaches client work as though the work was for him personally. He is a self-trained specialist in Direct-To-Garment printing and has been instrumental in our development of print-on-demand and order fulfillment services, especially as it applies to online store sales.

Joanna Livadas

Customer Service Representative


Jo has been working in our customer service department for several summers while she attended and graduated from Sheridan College with a specialty in visual merchandising. When customers visit our showroom, they can look forward to her giving them a full tour and detailing the differences between the various lines of apparel we print on. Joanna is fashion personified as she knows it’s the subtle little details that complete the package.


She sometimes leaves to supervise fashion shoots for clients, devising concepts and selecting clothes as the stylist. While she helps rock our customer service, we all know that one day, she’ll be gobbled up by a design house like Dolce & Gabbana — so we love her and try to get our fill, while she’s still here!

Alex Peters

Screen Technician


Alex is the silent saviour of T-ShirtGuys! Our work requires a specialist to monitor the state and readiness of our screens. Screens are our hockey sticks and are necessary to play the t-shirt printing game. While there are lots of self-professed printers, most are inclined to rush their work. Alex understands the importance of doing the job right, the first time. When not practicing his craft, Alex has random tastes that include studying new languages, and pushing his hand-drawn approach to graphic design. We look forward to seeing Alex grow into his role as a first-rate t-shirt printer/designer.

Kara Studley

SignBros Manager


Kara runs our sister company, SignBros. Her role in the T-ShirtGuy family is crucial as our clients expand their design into different types of media. For example, a coffee shop’s t-shirt print was turned into a fully functioning, professional barber’s pole with custom green and white graphics. If you want to take your print and turn it into a neon sign, look no further. With years of experience running a downtown print franchise, Kara is directly responsible for some of Queen West’s most notable storefronts.


Her weekends are often spent overseeing the installation of signage at retail locations throughout the city — even though she might sub-contract out an installation, she still feels the need to appear on scene, to ensure her customers satisfaction.

Emily Carriere

SignBros Graphic Artist


Attend the Artist Project and see this professional and very successful independent artist at work. Galleries display her art in both the United States and Great Britain and we get all her design experience gratis. Emily and Kara are the Laverne & Shirley of T ShirtGuys/SignBros — but we’re not sure who is who! We just enjoy watching them work together.


Emily studied Fine art and Art History through University of Toronto’s joint program with Sherdian college — so she scooped up both a degree and a diploma. When Kara helps a client express themselves, it’s Emily that backs her play with client mockups that confirm every detail of a job, and how it might look against your backdrop.