Vinyl Decoration

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Why consider Vinyl Decoration?

Small quantities.

Need only a few garments? With small quantities, vinyl printing is the most cost-effective option. Vinyl printing offers great decoration options without having to commit to quantities. No set-up involved, so it’s great for tradeshows, gifts or any kind of promotional apparel.

Photo quality prints.

Your image is printed and cut before it’s applied to your apparel and unlike silkscreening — your pricing won’t be affected by how many colours are in your print. Ideal for full-colour photographs or keepsakes. If you want a picture of your dog Freckles on a tee, this is definitely the way to go.

Impact over longevity

Vinyl is about customized, personalized artwork on a shirt by shirt basis. Vinyl finishes are designed to give you flexibility and stunning results — not making your favourite tee five years from now. Depending on the type of vinyl you choose your print will last anywhere from 12 washes to the life of the shirt, be sure to inquire about care instructions.

Vinyl Applications

Different vinyl options for every garment and style





Great for names and numbers on team apparel and small runs with tricky print locations. Comes in dozens of different colours and is intended for garments that have less stretch. The print will last as long as the garment will – provided you wash it inside out in cold water and hang to dry.





We can print photorealistic images onto a special vinyl, which can be cut and applied to a variety of apparel types. The downside is that every shirt will require a full setup, unlike screen printing where you do one set-up for a run of shirts.





We use specialty vinyl to give a stunning finish to any project. For example, metallic gold specialty vinyl can give a mirror-like finish. Specialty vinyls include velvet finishes, metallic textures and glitter effects.

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