Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get. Maybe you have a question or just want to get some more information about T-ShirtGuys and what we do. In either case, we hope that our FAQs help to provide that information.


What are your hours of operation?

Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Our showroom is also open on Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

Can I order just one shirt?

Yes, our minimum order is one piece. Once you require more than 3 pieces, the per shirt pricing, gets steadily lower as the quantity increases. The more you order, the more you save.

What is your typical turnaround?

Our standard turnaround time is currently 10 business days from the time that you submit your order. If you have a specific deadline that you need to have met, please notify us when placing your order. Taking more than 24 hours for approving your order will add to your turnaround time. We do have rush options available.

T-ShirtGuys will not be held responsible for missing deadlines due to weather conditions, power supply interruptions, vendor shortages and errors, shipping errors or any acts of God. If we expect or foresee any problems in advanced, we will be sure to notify you and work with you to rectify them.


Note: Turnaround time does not include shipping time. Please, plan accordingly.

Can I mix mens and ladies fits?

Yes, BUT make sure your print size works for the largest cross-section of sizes.
Ie. If your print is 10 inches wide, it will likely look too small for an 3XL size t-shirt. The reverse could be said for ladies extra small where 10 inches might be too wide for the seams on the shirt.

Can I mix and match styles?

You are more than welcome to mix and match items. Be advised that different garments often require different processes and set ups, which could increase your price(s). Ask your sales rep about the most cost effective way to use a variety of styles!

What about mistakes?

Mistakes happen when printing. When we make a mistake using a shirt we supplied, you’ll never know it happen as we grab another from inventory. Our markup acts as your insurance. When you provide the shirts, we charge for the number of properly printed. We do not cover the cost of misprints when you provide the apparel. If you discover a mistake that we didn’t, please know you’re covered as we’ll fix the problem as quickly as it’s possible.

Do you have rush charges?

If time is a factor, please let us know at the start of the conversation. We try to lessen the sting of rush fees. Rush charges get your order to the proverbial front-of-the-line, but delays due to weather, power failures, vendor shortages and shipping errors, etc. fall outside of even rush charges, which will not be refunded.

What brands do you offer?

We print on all types of t-shirts ranging from Canadian hand-made organic tees to all of the large t-shirt manufacturers such as Gildan, American Apparel, Anvil, Next Level, Bella + Canvas, Alternative Apparel and Authentic T-Shirt Company, just to name a few. We have products available to fit any budget or style requirement. If your not sure what product might work best for you, please feel free to get in touch with customer service.

Do you offer youth sizes?

Yes we offer a number of styles with youth options available.

How many shirts should I order?

Order what you need, but with the above in mind, we recommend as much as a 8-10% over order to keep your options open. Example: 25 small, 25 medium, 25 large, 25 extra large – maybe get 2 more of each, just in case!

You can order any combination of men’s, ladies, and youth from small to extra large. Our suppliers apply a surcharge on shirts that are 2XL or greater in size and we pass that charge onto you.

Can I request specific measurements when printing?

Even though T-ShirtGuys printers have over 15 years of experience, there is no way to effectively and efficiently measure a distance from the collar on each shirt, as each garment is loaded onto the press by hand. If you request a print that is 2” down from the collar, we will use that as a guide and do our best to make sure that all shirts hit that target, but not all shirts will hit exactly at 2”, they may be off by as much as an inch in either direction. This will not be considered a misprint and T-ShirtGuys will not reprint or refund these shirts.


What print methods do you use?

Please see our Services page, using this link, to find out about our print methods in detail!


Do you charge set-up fees?

We like to keep things simple. Our quotes are all-in-one pricing. We tell you what the unit price will be, as well as the sub-total, taxes, and grand total. We have no setup fees, No screen charges or hidden charges. What you see is what you get!

What payment methods do you accept?

If submitting your order online, we accept VISA and MasterCard. Alternatively, you can call us with credit card information or send an e-transfer to sales@tshirtguys.ca If paying by debit, you’ll need to come to our physical address at 401 Logan Avenue in Toronto.

Can we pay by purchase order or cheque?

No — we do not accept purchase orders or payments by cheque. The ability to purchase your apparel necessitates confirmation your payment has been processed. The same applies to goods leaving our location. To control cost, our system eliminates the need for an accounts receivable department.

What is your return policy?

If the apparel is materially different or the design is different than your approved mockup, then we will replace it at no cost to you. Our system has been refined to check the orders throughout all stages of production and have been signed for and documented before shipment. Any claims must be made within three days of receipt of goods by phone or e-mail to receive instructions for proper return.

We do not manufacture the shirts and are not responsible or liable for colour shade variances. We are not able to accept returns by a shade difference in the dye lots. We also have no control over the colour settings on your computer monitor and cannot accept returns based on perceived colour shading differences. We do accept returns and replace the products if we send the wrong colour altogether.

Your acceptance of the design before purchase is a binding agreement that you approve the print. We do not alter the design before printing unless specifically requested to do so by you or someone you have authorized to make changes. We do not provide spell checking on any purchased or printed designs and will not accept returns based on misspelled words

What is your exchange policy?

We do not offer exchanges on printed items. The exchange refers to inventory we had purchased for your order, that you now wish to have us return for another style or colour. Exchanges will be subject to a restocking fee paid by the customer. The fee can only be determined when all the factors of the order are know to us. Customers will be responsible for the cost of shipping items back to the wholesale supplier, from T-Shirt Guys. Once you have approved your order for production, you past the point of any exchange or return.

Can I make changes to my order after payment?

Once an order is placed with payment, customers are unable to make changed to the items ordered without incurring a fee and/or pushing back order production. Customers can make changes to the sizing and placement of their artwork during our mockup stage, but any new artwork presented at this time could incur a fee and/or push back order production.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations made after order has been placed will be subject to a 25% restocking fee plus any additional fees required to cover services already rendered. No cancellations will be accepted once production or any manipulation of the garments has begun on the order — or once you have given us your artwork mockup approval to proceed.

Once you have given us permission to print your order, you are 100% financially responsible.

Why is my order missing a few shirts?

All orders can have up to 5% under run. Some shirts could be damaged during printing. Because of this, we cannot guarantee that you will receive 100% of the garments in your order. We strongly recommend ordering a few extras to account for this possibility. We always strive to give you everything you ordered, however, if there is a shortage with your order, we will refund or credit you for the difference. All claims must be submitted within 72 hours of date of delivery

Can I order samples for size purposes?

If you require, we can order in a set of samples for sizing purposes. We use our quote calculator to determine price. When you’re ready to place your order, bring the shirts in for printing, and we’ll credit your samples into your larger order. The shirts must be unwashed and unsoiled for printing purposes.

If you decide to not go forward with an order, you remain the owners of the samples we ordered in for you. If you go forward with your order, but change the shirt colour, we will take your samples and swap them for your new colour, only if the shirts are in new condition. The shirts will be returned to our supplier unworn, unwashed, and unsoiled, so we have to inspect all returns. If goods are being returned via courier you MUST get a return authorization number first, via email, from us. We do not cover the cost of shipping goods back unless we have approved the order in advance.


What about apparel defects?

Only when a printer examines the print area of the shirt, does each piece of your order get closely inspected. When a black t-shirt reveals a small hole (usually the size of a pin head), the shirt gets pulled aside and subtracted from your order. If we have a replacement piece(s) we’ll use them — but when a job is set up, we can’t wait around for new apparel to be delivered.

Every 100th job might have a 2% to 5% shortage as a result of apparel failure — if you don’t like those odds, please over-order.
We will not accept liability for apparel failures after 3 days of you being in procession of your order

What about out of stock items?

T-ShirtGuys will not be responsible for items that are out of stock. All apparel is purchased each business day at 1 pm, closest after your order was placed. Should items become out of stock, we will do our best to find a replacement and get it approved by you prior to using it for your order. Once we have started your order in good faith, we will not be held responsible of manufacturers inventory shortages. We work with you to solve the shortage, but shortages are not grounds for cancelling your order.


There is no point in us checking suppliers inventory until the time we actually place the order. At that point, if there is an inventory issue, the supplier will notify us and we will work with you to find a solution

What about manufacturer defects?

T-ShirtGuys is not responsible for manufacturer defects such as garment colour inconsistencies, mislabeled sizes, loose stitching, label inconsistencies, or other garment defects. We do our best to inspect the garments as they are printed, but we cannot guarantee each garment. We highly recommend ordering 5% extra of each size to avoid the possibility of these issues.

If we discover a defect before printing: We get a new shirt(s) and you’ll never know…
If we discover a defect after printing: We deduct it from your order and you get one fewer piece.
If you discover the defect after pick up: call or email us ASAP.


Please note: Suppliers like Gildan knit hundreds of miles of tubular cotton each hour. It’s then cut into hundreds of thousands of t-shirts that are assembled daily spread in factories across the Americas. They sell initially for less than the cost of a coffee at McDonalds. They’re not going to be perfect. The t-shirt is the most cost-effective form of advertising on the planet and if you get 250 wears of your now $10 t-shirt, each time you wear it, it cost you 4 cents.



What artwork files should I send?

We need to be able to open and work with your art in Adobe Photoshop. Clean crisp images at 300 dpi the size you want it to be printed. Common file types: pdf, jpeg, psd, tiff, ai, eps, png, etc.
For all vinyl work we require Adobe Illustrator files. Please send along an .ai or .eps file, with your fonts outlined.


Please contact one of our customer service reps by email. Please attach any notes or examples of what you’re after. If our company can’t help you — our people still can.  Our staff is made up of graphic t-shirt artists that can meet with you and work one-on-one to tune or fine-tune your concept(s).

My image is pixelated can you fix it?

Our design team will notify you if your artwork exceeds normal pixilation, which would result in a poor quality print. Images taken from the internet are only 72 dpi, but a file at 300 dpi will ensure a crisp, clean print. When file(s) require a complete re-build, at the discretion of our art department, we will email you with our assessment of what’s required, and what we would charge to rebuild it.


Once we start on your artwork, you’ll be happy at how easily it all seems to come together. Your mockup is almost always complete after two revisions. This is only concerning placement of art on the apparel. You will be allowed two additional sets of revisions free of charge to your initial mockup. Any additional revisions past that point will incur an additional art charge.

Can I make changes to my design?

Customers are allowed two revisions to the mockup in terms of logo size and placement. We require that customers provide finalized artwork and design specifications at the beginning of an order, before payment. T-ShirtGuys is unable to make changes to design files beyond sizing and placement without incurring an additional fee and/or pushing back the order due date.

Does T-ShirtGuys own the rights to my design after my order?

We will only print your logo for your shirts. It remains your intellectual property and it is safe with us. If you hire us to create artwork for you, you are strictly paying for the labor and thought process to produce the artwork. You are not paying for the ownership and rights of the artwork but for the creation fees. You or its rightful owner, not T-ShirtGuys, own any artwork you submit to us for printing that is not being created by T-ShirtGuys. We will not reproduce your artwork, trademarked or not, without you or the rightful owner’s consent.

We do maintain the right to produce a sample of anything we print, to be displayed in our downtown Toronto studio/showroom

Searching for fonts

For a library of 10,000 great fonts, please visit DaFont. Type your text into the preview window, select the style of fonts you’d like to choose from and enter to preview your text in up to 100 fonts at a long glance. You can download fonts into your own computer at no cost. For our use, we would only need to know the font’s name.


Can I bring in my own shirts?

If you were to bring your own garments, we may be able to print on them for you, however please be advised that this does run the risk of the garment reacting in an unexpected way. Anything in our showroom is something we’ve printed on before, therefore we know exactly how it will react to the processes we put it through.

For customer supplied garments, there is simply no way to know until we try.but there are risks associated with supplying your own garments. We only accept these order requests on a case by case basis so it’s best to bring one in before you buy all of them.

When we make a mistake using a shirt we supplied, you’ll never know it happened as we grab another from inventory. Our markup acts as your insurance so when you provide the shirts, we charge for the number of properly printed and we do not cover the cost of misprints when you provide the apparel.

What is reactive dye?

Reactive Dyes can withstand the 325 degrees F required to cure the applied layer of ink to the shirt. With reactive-dyed t-shirts, we can print white ink on black tees, and know the white ink won’t be affected by the dye. Most clothes are dyed with a family of different dyes, we refer to as direct dyes. For more information about reactive dye, please call us directly at 416 465 4443.

What is direct dye?

Direct dye will tend to become unstable at around 170 degrees F and will undergo a slow process of sublimation. This means some of the dye will vaporize and will inevitably react with our coat of fresh applied ink. The net result would be your black tees would turn our white ink into a light to mid grey colour.

What about mistakes?

Mistakes happen when printing. When we make a mistake using a shirt we supplied, you’ll never know it happen as we grab another from inventory. Our markup acts as your insurance. When you provide the shirts, we charge for the number of properly printed. We do not cover the cost of misprints when you provide the apparel.


Do you print inside labels?

Yes. Inside labels can increase the perceived value of goods by as much as $5 at retail. Stickers are the better alternative to hang tags and can easily be printed with custom shapes and full-colour images. For screen-printed inside labels please call for a quote as price is determined by the size and complexity of your order and are limited to only one colour prints.

Screen printing inside labels is tricky and small ink coverage inconsistencies will be considered acceptable.

Do you remove manufacturer tags/labels?

If you are having us print custom tags in your shirts, please be aware that the stock tags will not be removed, unless you specify.

What about tear-away tags/labels?

Please be aware that tear-away tags may leave small pieces of the tag in the shirt seam. Unless you have paid for tag removal service, we are not responsible for removing all pieces of the tag, should some remain in the seam. Should the tear-out process result in torn threads in the seam, we will not be held responsible — torn threads is a part of the process.

Do you offer woven labels?

We do not but we refer our customers to Lee at Laven Labels for what we believe is the best, most cost-effective label manufacturer. No one ever regretted buying quality!


What are your minimums and average turn around time on embroidery?

There is a 24 piece minimum for embroidery. The average turn-around time for an embroidery order is 2-3 weeks after an order is placed with payment.

How do I get a quote or place an embroidery order?

In order to get an embroidery quote, we’ll need you to see the logo/design you’d like printed, as the complexity of the design will determine the stitch count, which determines your price.

Will embroidery last a long time?

Embroidery is one of the longest lasting methods of garment decoration, because our machines sew thread directly onto your apparel. Embroidery will stand the test of time and can be exposed to the wash or other environmental conditions without risking damaging the embroidery.


We hope that our FAQs helped to give you more information about T-ShirtGuys and our products. If you could not find an answer to your question, or you would like more information, please feel free to contact our customer service team. We are always available to help answer your questions and make it a priority make order custom apparel as simple and easy as possible. Our FAQ are always evolving, if you think there should be another Question + Answer on here, please be sure to send us an email. We would greatly appreciate your feedback and help!