Promotional Products

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Why consider Promotional Items?

Low cost, High Reward.

Sometimes the smallest items make the biggest impact with potential customers. With the right design, a button can make the same impact as a billboard at a fraction of the price. Use full-colour printing and stunning imagery in a small, cost-effective format to draw eyes to your business on a large scale.

Full Design Consultation.

Want to focus on your business rather than design your promotional products? With our years of printing experience, we are happy to assist with making sure your products will garner the attention your company deserves or translating your existing design to a new format.

Brand Anything.

The more opportunities you have to put your brand in front of your target audience, the better. From buttons and stickers to mugs and coasters, we have products that will appeal to any business. Give us a call to discuss packages specific to your industry!

Buttons, stickers and more!

High-quality promotional items at low cost





A subtle way to brand your concept whether it’s a business or club, or just your clever idea. An effective button is a subtle way of getting people to wear your brand regularly. If your artwork inspires attraction, buttons stand out and beg to be read.





Design your button to appeal to the owner of the kitchen you hope your magnet will be found in. Magnets get noticed. Seen daily, they register a more distinct impression as the eye recognizes what is consistent around it.





Our customers often want small runs of stickers. We create custom packs of stickers ranging from 24” wide, surrounded by smaller stickers. We have several customers that sell products on Etsy, using our stickers for their branding.





Everything from sizing stickers (with your logo and shirt size) to washing instructions (with your website) to your logo and special promotions in size and shape you want. You’re only limited by your imagination!



Custom tote bags are a great way to spread your message. We’ll print your design on bags for corporate gifts, festivals, events and more!

Interested in placing an order? Have some questions? Get in touch, we’d be happy to help!