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Why consider Embroidery?

No Set Up Charges.

Most people rule out embroidery because of the start up costs. Our competitors have set-up fees which increase the price. We have no set-up fees or other costs, so what you pay for screen printing is what you pay for embroidery.


At T-ShirtGuys for every two stitches you’d get elsewhere, we add a third at no additional cost. What does that mean for you? A more superior finish with a tighter, more defined image.

Perceived Value.

Embroidery looks expensive and suggests that more thought went into it. The different textures certainly make your logo stand out, especially when using metallic threads.

Embroidery Applications

Different options for every garment and style





Take your brand to the next level with custom embroidered hats. Take your pick from Flatbill, Snapback, Trucker, Military, Beanie, Toques and more! Orders start at six pieces.





Custom embroidery polos are not just for the casual golfer. Wow your friends with your very own embroidered polo. Pick your favourite brand and let us do the rest.





Similar to discharge printing but for white and light coloured shirts. The inks are dyed into the fabric. When used on dark color fabrics it gives a faded, vintage look.





Your distressed, vintage designs look authentic when printed with soft inks on screens with high mesh counts. The downside is low opacity. When requesting a soft hand print, have a conversation with us so you know just what to expect.





Give your print a third-dimension look by introducing a felt finish through flock application. Perfect for that old-school look and feel! A minimum of twelve pieces are required for custom flock lettering.





Set yourself apart with custom embroidered jackets. Perfect for that old-school look and feel! Orders start at twelve pieces.

Interested in placing an order? Have some questions? Get in touch, we’d be happy to help!